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The Margo initiative is an open collaboration between like-minded organizations and individuals, sharing a common vision: deliver edge interoperability for industrial automation ecosystems. Margo is hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Our mission? Define the mechanisms for interoperability between edge applications, edge devices, and edge orchestration software in ecosystems of industrial users, helping them to mitigate scale challenges in digitalizing their operations. Margo strives to help industrial users to increase the adoption of repeatable software patterns, supporting their heterogenous ecosystems of many suppliers.

Find out more about the Margo initiative and how to become engaged at


This is a commit snapshot rendering of the of work-in-progress Margo System Specification draft from the repository margo/specification, commit 90afedc66315ea28fb25451bf3e7cfc274879b3e.

Do not attempt to implement this version of the Specification or reference this version as authoritative in any way!


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